Commercial Projects

We create beautiful, functional interior commercial spaces in new and historic buildings. Our services range from furnishings, lighting, and finishes, to complete remodels. Our experience in both modern design as well as historic preservation will enable us to bring your unique workspace/commercial vision to life, while utilizing design to encourage social interaction, collaboration, and productivity.

To me, work is where I live, so it’s important that workspaces reflect both our client’s aesthetic and functional goals, as well as their dreams for their businesses.

— Robyn Branch —

Robyn, along with her trusted "A-team" of staff, contractors, artisans, and licensed architect collaborators, expanded into the commercial design space after becoming seasoned experts in the residential design market. Their deep understanding of utilizing design to appeal to employers, organizations, and consumers has become a distinct competitive advantage.

  1. Renderings
  2. Finish Selections
  3. Collaborations with licensed architects from concept to completion